Stage 0 ½ get to know the gardeners.

The word of the year is synchronicity. We were brought together to be in service to something bigger than ourselves that is deeply rooted in our core values. We quickly built excitement, goals, plans, but realized that the first thing we needed to do was nothing. As we practice our daily routines of meditation, yoga, work, school, and personal exploration we stop throughout our day to get present in order to truly be with each moment. Some days we forget or are distracted. Other days we are completely in the flow and engaged with all of our senses.

After spending a month planning we began to reach out and get to know the garden. We imagined this process would take two weeks at most but little did we know that this step was the most important step of the year. Getting to know the gardeners was not an easy task it meant slowing way down and going out of our comfort zones to become vulnerable to new relationships. At first the gardeners were skeptical about my partner and I and worried about their space at the garden. We approached them with calm and kindness but also expressed our desire to only elevate what they were already invested in. Suddenly things shifted and our conversations went from professional to personal and we were laughing and planning as the consciousness of the garden.

This journey began in April and we are filled with gratitude to have had the pleasure to spend 4 months planting the seeds of our new friendships in this community. Thank you to Deepa, Zach, Grey, Giana, Yolanda, Luis, and all of the future gardeners. Our hands are here to help and we look forward to tilling the soil with you.


In Gratitude,

Marley Rose Benshalom


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